Hiring & Training

Superior Hiring & Training Protocol
• Develop a specific hiring profile and candidate qualifications
• Guardian does not discriminate and is committed to equal employment
• Our management will staff based on your specific requirements
• Established screening system identifies employees with honesty, integrity and a strong customer service orientation.

The screening process established by Guardian ensures that prospective security personnel:

• Are a U.S. citizen or legally permitted to work in the U.S.
• Have a high school diploma or GED.
• Be in good general health without physical restrictions, which could interfere with the performance of duties.
• Have well developed interpersonal communication skills and personality to fit your culture.
• Can withstand the scrutiny of a thorough background investigation.
• Our security officers will perform critical functions designed to prevent unauthorized access to facilities, protect life, maintain order, maintain logs/reports, deter criminal actions directed against customers, employees, assets and provide emergency support.

Guardian Guard Services 18000 W. Eight Mile Rd. Southfield, MI 48075
1.800.482.7387 guardianguards.com

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